Close Protection

Our Close Protection Specialists prevent and protect with counter surveillance, are skilled in physical intervention, evasive and defensive driving, CCTV, alarm systems, conflict management and first response emergency care. Providing close protection services to individuals in the public eye, they maintain a professional, empathetic approach to protect clients’ private life, keeping them safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. Absolute discretion and privacy are guaranteed.


Strong leadership, teamwork, and instructional qualities allow the Close Protection Specialists to cooperate effectively when working in teams, and liaising with other security professionals. Our Close Protection Specialists speak several European languages, Arabic and Urdu. All our trained to provide security measure assessments, carry out overt and covert observations, detect threats by searching and controlling access to property and vehicles. This may involve activities such as surveying layouts or arriving at a site ahead of the client to perform reconnaissance duties and identify any potential risks.


For more information about our close protection services, contact us via email or telephone.
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